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Fortaleza Canyon

Route along the edges – Serra Geral National Park

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8,200 meters long and more than 1,000 meters deep, this is the largest canyon in the region and one of the largest in Brazil. The main attraction of the Serra Geral National Park, this canyon impresses with its imposing fortress, on its walls depicting the various layers of basalt flows that resulted in the geological formation of the mountain. It takes a whole day for the visit. There are three primitive trails to visit:
The Lookout Trail: The entire route is along the edge of the cliffs up to the lookout point at 1,167 meters of altitude, from where you can see the part of the southern coastline of Santa Catarina.
Tigre Preto Waterfall Trail: A beautiful waterfall that falls from the cliff into a sequence of four drops, totaling an altitude of nearly 1,000 meters high.
Secret Stone Trail: Located inside the crater of the canyon, this stone is a monolithic block of 5 meters high resting on a small base of 50 cm, giving the impression that it is going to fall at any time.

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