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Itaimbezinho Canyon - Hiking

Route along the edges – Aparados da Serra National Park

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The Itaimbezinho Canyon is the most famous of the Aparados da Serra National Park and also one of the largest in Brazil. It is 5,800 meters long and 720 meters high. The area is covered by low vegetation and native pines. The rock formations are at least 130 million years old. There are two trails to visit:
Vértice Trail: The easiest point, from which you can see the beginning of the Itaimbezinho Canyon. During the trail, you can see waterfalls up to 700 meters high towards the bottom of the canyon.
Cotovelo Trail: This trail consists of a walk along a dirt road to a lookout point, from where you can see the immensity of the canyon walls, reaching a depth of 720 meters. The access trail is of a low level of difficulty and is 5 km long in total. Open from 8am until 3pm.
Índios Coroados Canyon: This short trail takes you to the edge of this canyon, from where you can enjoy the view of the canyon walls, a gigantic waterfall and the coast line. It takes approximately 40 minutes.
Closed on Mondays, but exceptionally open on a public holiday.
The main Trail is open only until 15h.

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