Cavalcade Vale dos Canyons - Aparados da Serra

All horseback riding starts at Cabanha da Vila Rosa, 8 kilometers from the lodge. The
horses are very well treated and handled daily, which makes them docile and easy to handle even by inexperienced riders.
The mounting equipment is of excellent quality providing safety and
comfort. The saddle used is an American type that allows riders to take some belongings - such as wallet, keys and water bottle - in attached bags. Each saddle has rain cover, for a possible unforeseen climatic during the cavalcade.

Before or at the end of the Cavalcade, depending on the time you make, you can enjoy lunch with home-cooked meals at the Casa Nossa Casa Restaurant (not included), located a few meters from Cabanha. In case of interest it is important to inform us so that we can make the reservation.

Important Information for All Horseback Riding:

  • The reservation must be made in advance (until 19h the previous day).
  • SPECIAL CONDITION FOR HOLIDAYS: the reservation must be made in advance by email,
  • subject to availability.
  • PAYMENT: Payment must be made directly at Cabanha, at the beginning of the Horseback Ride. Credit cards accepted.


  • light and comfortable clothing, preferably long pants and T-shirts that cover shoulders to protect from the sun.
  • For your safety riding of closed shoes is mandatory (sneakers, trail boots or riding boots).
  • carry sunscreen, repellent, sunglasses, water bottle, camera.

CAVALGADA 2: Sítio Azimuth

A cavalgada inicia percorrendo a estrada geral da vila Rosa. Durante a cavalgada faremos a
travessia do Rio Molha Coco seguindo pela antiga estrada dos tropeiros - uma subida onde as
paisagens do vale irão se revelando. Seguindo adiante, passaremos pelo sítio Azimuth onde se pode apreciar a vista dos paredões dos Canyons e a amplidão do vale.

Tempo de duração: de 2h30min a 3horas
Nível de dificuldade: Fácil