Morro do Carasal - Trekking/Walk

Jacinto Machado - Santa Catarina

Picture above: Morro do Carasal - Escalaminhada - Jacinto Machado / SC

Reaching the top of a mountain with almost 1000 meters of altitude, facing the Giant Canyon Fortress and still have the Atlantic ocean behind you ... is not it exciting? The Carasal is a mountain located just in front of the Fortaleza canyon. Access to Carasal is by car to the community of Engenho Velho arriving at the property of the Mendes. From here we will follow a very steep ecological trail between the native forest and the countryside. The path is difficult, but when you reach the top of the hill that is completely covered by undergrowth, you will find an indescribable beauty: the cliffs and walls of the Serra Geral and Fortaleza canyon are of a great size and depth that leave anyone enchanted in his contemplation.

Important: To make this trail, you will have to eat breakfast before the time served at the Lodge, as the car ride to the beginning of the trail is longer. So we serve an express breakfast, basic, at no additional cost, but it must be booked in advance for at least 1 day.

There will be approximately 7 hours of trail.

Level of difficulty High / Heavy. Steep trail.

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