Pedra Branca - Walk/Trekking

Praia Grande - Santa Catarina

Photo above: Pedra Branca Trail - Escalaminhada - Praia Grande / SC

Escalamiriada! This is what we will try to climb to the top of the White Stone with 846 m of altitude. At various points of this trail we use ropes to overcome the almost vertical climbs. As the route is being overcome, there are lookouts that show the meeting of the canals of Faxinalzinho, Josafas and São Gorgonho, which unite forming the Mampituba River that determines the border between the states of SC and RS. The top of the trail is a small base and the look is incredible and privileged to contemplate the escarpments of the two National Parks, Serra Geral and Aparados da Serra.

Level of difficulty High / Heavy. Steep trail.

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