Where is Aparados da Serra?

The Aparados da Serra Region is located in southern Brazil, mainly in the municipalities of Praia Grande / SC, Cambará do Sul / RS, Jacinto Machado / SC, São José dos Ausentes / RS.

Where to stay in Aparados da Serra?

To visit the Aparados da Serra you can stay in Costão da Fortaleza Lodge, which is located in Praia Grande / SC, one of the entrance doors in Aparados da Serra.

The City of Canyons, as Praia Grande is known, is 200 km from Porto Alegre and 270 km from Florianópolis, the two closest airports in the region.

What to do in Aparados da Serra?

Rio do Boi Trail - Interior of the Itaimbezinho Canyon - Click here to see more details!

Malacara Canyon Inside Trail - Click Here to see more details!

Cavalcade in the Canyons Valley - Click Here to see more details!

Canyon Itaimbezinho - Click Here to see more details!

Canyon Fortaleza - Click Here to see more details!

Tigre Preto Waterfall - Click Here to see more details!

Aparados da Serra what to bring?

Will travel to Aparados da Serra and do not know what to bring. Here's a checklist to help you! Click Here for more info!

When to go to Aparados da Serra?

The Park is open to visitors all year round. The visitation time of Aparados da Serra National Park (Canon Itaimbezinho) is from 8am to 5pm, from 3am to Sunday (opening on Monday that precedes national holidays, Carnival, Christmas and New Year). For the Elbow Trail it is necessary to enter it before 3pm and the Ox River Trail, before 1pm. The Serra Geral National Park (border of the Fortaleza Canyon, Interior of the Malacara Canyon and the Black Tiger Trail) can be visited every day.

How to get to Aparados da Serra

Are you thinking of coming to the region, and do not know how to visit Aparados da Serra? To get to Aparados da Serra you can use Porto Alegre Airport, or florianópolis, and from there hire a transfer to the city of Praia Grande / SC, recognized as the "Catarinense Capital of the Canyons".

Why hire an ecotourism guide?

During your visit to Aparados da Serra you can find a guide to better enjoy your stay in the region. By hiring a guide, you will have more information of:

  • what are trimmed from the saw
  • how the trimmed saw was formed
  • because the park is called trimmed from the hills
  • what to do in Aparados da Serra
  • where to eat at Aparados da Serra

Packages and itineraries for Aparados da Serra


Where to eat in Praia Grande / SC

  • House Our Rural Restaurant
  • Casarão Pizzaria
  • Bistrô do Bosque
  • Pizza Corner
  • Coffee Colonial da Serra

Where to eat in Cambara do Sul / RS

  • Investments
  • Galeteria O Casarão
  • Bistrô Footpath
  • Pizza Retro
  • The Tavern Restaurant
  • Lake Restaurant

Schedules Parque Nacional Aparados da Serra

The Aparados da Serra National Park runs from 8 to 17h.

Important information:

Elbow Trail: It can be accessed until 3pm.

Vertex trail: can be accessed until 17h.

Trail of the Ox River: can be accessed until 13h.


  • Entry of pets inside the National Parks (dogs, cats or others)
  • Camping in the Aparados da Serra National Park or in the Serra Geral National Park
  • Overcoming barriers to access delimitation
  • Swimming or walking inside the water courses (except the Ox River Trail)
  • Collect biological material (vegetable or animal) or mineral without official authorization
  • Make use of fire
  • Feed the wild animals
  • Walk outside the marked trails
  • Throw any debris (including toilet paper) out of the bins
  • Stay in the park after 6pm (without specific official authorization).