Volunteers in the Aparados da Serra National Park

The entrepreneurs that are part of the Tourism Trade of the region Aparados da Serra - canyons do Brasil , organized a volunteer project that has been allowing the maintenance of the National Parks Aparados da Serra and Serra General opened to the public since October 2016. In addition to the organization of the scale volunteers, many volunteered to provide the necessary services within the Parks. Another action was the promotion of solidarity tolls that took place in December 2016 in the municipalities of Praia Grande / SC and Cambará do Sul / RS and counted on the participation of the local community and tourists who were in the destination.

Thanks to the work and availability of the volunteers, the Itaimbezinho Canyon (Aparados da Serra National Park) continued to be visited and from mid-October to mid-January 2017 received 28,841 visitors * who came in 6,655 cars / vans *, 403 motorcycles * and 190 buses *, all attended and welcomed by the volunteers!

The Volunteering began on October 22, 2016 when contracts from outsourced servers, which provided services for the maintenance of the public use of the parks, won and were not renewed by ICMBio.

In this volunteer period, the community, the tourist trade of the municipalities of Praia Grande / SC, Cambará do Sul / RS, Jacinto Machado / SC and Mampituba / RS, tourists who visited the region and some ICMBio employees embraced the cause of the project #somostodosparque .

We are waiting for the Federal Government to take measures to enhance, promote and improve the infrastructure and tourist services of the National Parks, so that we can receive better and better quality ecotourists who visit us!

* data referring to visit only to Itaimbezinho Canyon. Source: ICMBio

How can you help?

If you are planning to visit this region, when you go to the Itaimbezinho Canyon - Aparados da Serra National Park, there will be a donation box at the entrance of the Park. Contribute!

Share this link on your social networks so that this information reaches more people, and so, with popular pressure, who knows our Government take the necessary and urgent steps!