Boi River Trail

The River do Boi is the river that forms the Itaimbezinho Canyon , and it sets up an impressive adventure and beauty trail, as it walks inside the great Canyon Canyon between walls of up to 720m. This trail is carried out in the Aparados da Serra National Park , and in order to navigate it, it is obligatory to hire accredited guides to ICMBio.

The origin of the name Rio do Boi arose in the time of the troops that descended the fields from the top of the mountain, making way down the steep cliffs of the mountain range. Legend has it that in one of the 'stumbling blocks' an ox was torn from the troop and fell on the cliff that culminated in the river of rocks that cut the mountain. This is one of the versions of the origin of the name of the Ox River.

The trail that runs along the Ox River towards the mountain lasts approximately 8 hours with difficult walking on the pebble stones rolled for 15km in a fairly irregular terrain. We cross the river about 20 times inside the Canyon, with water that can reach the waist, always in search of the best way forward.

The Rio do Boi trail is located in the municipality of Praia Grande / SC , 12km from the city center. For those coming from Cambará do Sul / RS are 50km of beaten ground to be driven by car to the beginning of the trail.

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