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Screenplay Aparados da Serra Adventure

Get to know the canyons of Aparados da Serra - a region of unique geology and ecosystem, protected by two National Parks: Aparados da Serra National Park and Serra Geral National Park.

Want more? So how about staying at the entrance of the Churriado Canyon, our backyard and part of our site guarded by the Serra Geral National Park? So is the Costão do Fortaleza Lodge! In two days of the scripts, we will be staying in an aPousada farm in São José dos Ausentes!

During the tour we will walk many beaten dirt roads to get to the beginning of the trails and activities!

The Trimmed Trail of Sierra Adventure includes all the amenities to make your canyons experience a memorable one!

Check out the day-to-day of the Roadmap and the next exits, in the links above! Choose your date and leave the rest to us! Let's live together unforgettable experiences!

Pontos de Interesse do Roteiro:

Points of Interest:

National Park of Aparados da Serra - Canyon Itaimbezinho

In this activity we will walk the Elbow Trail and the Vertex Trail, so we will contemplate a view of all the breadth of this that is one of the best known canyons of the Aparados da Serra!

Aparados da Serra National Park - Ox River Trail

How about getting into the Itaimbezinho Canyon crater? That's right! Let's walk the trail through the river of the Boi until we reach the Itaimbezinho Canyon, where the steep cliffs rise around us with the immensity of its 700 meters high! A great experience!

Horseback Riding

If you think that the Boi River is going to be very crowded, the light option of the Route replaces this trail with a beautiful panoramic ride, crossing an old troupe path, where you can see the valley of the quiet town of Praia Grande / SC and the canyons of Malacara, Crowned Indians and Molha Coco.

Serra Geral National Park - Canyon Fortaleza

To know the largest Canyon in the Aparados da Serra region, does it matter? Well, that's the title of the Fortaleza Canyon - the biggest!
In this itinerary we will pass through the city of Cambará do Sul to reach the edge of the canyon Fortaleza. There we will walk 2 tracks that will show us the magnitude of this immense geomonument of Nature!

Serra Geral National Park - Malacara Canyon Pool

A moderate and wet walk takes us to the main attraction of this Canyon: the Malacara pool. There are almost 3 meters of crystal clear water for the enjoyment of the hikers!

Canyon Montenegro - São José dos Ausentes

Known as the highest point of Rio Grande do Sul (1,403m high), with a walk of approximately 1h.

Cachoeirão dos Rodrigues - São José dos Ausentes

A Novel Scene! Lent his beauty to scenario of the novel The Prophet of the globe network, a waterfall of 28 meters with a succession of great waterfalls.

Walk from approximately 1 to 1:30.

River Falls - São José dos Ausentes

Nature carved between rocks and mountains an odd phenomenon in Latin America, where two rivers run parallelly separated by a hill, with a drop of 18m, the place still offers one of the most beautiful views of the fields above the mountain

Approximately 1h walk.

Check out the day-to-day of the Roadmap and the next exits, in the links above! Choose your date and leave the rest to us! Let's live together unforgettable experiences in this unique region!

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